The Majoritas Academy

is an educational project founded in 2015.

Today, Majoritas Academy is a learning organization that brings institutions and politicians around the world closer to citizens and voters.

We believe in synergy and in the power of education and continuous learning.

We want to encourage and help people to learn and develop their skills and talents, because we understand that Knowledge is Power.

Our vision

At Majoritas Academy we learn from the past, understand the present and predict the future.

And the best way to predict the future is to create it!

why, how, what

We bring our contribution in changing the world and we try to help society evolve, connecting and engaging people, experts & pundits in the Majoritas Academy Network.

We coordinate, design and deliver training, courses, events and communication platforms.

We help political leaders better serve their communities and gain back the trust of their people.

This new relationship (between politicians and voters, public institutions office holders and citizens) and this new perspective will revitalize democracy and help people and our society prosper.

We help organizations and people understand technology and use it the right way for their cause and objectives.

We help organizations and people to achieve a greater impact in their communities.

We help politicians, public institutions and people regain the trust & credibility they are searching for.

We create opportunities, events and platforms for sharing ideas, knowledge and quality information.

Institutions need to regain their credibility, while people seek motivation to trust their representatives and leaders.
In this context of distrust and lack of credibility in today's world, a new perspective is needed to revitalize democracy and help people and society prosper - that's why Majoritas Academy is launching the UPGRADE Democracy events.

The Problems we need to solve together:

  • People don't trust the political system and politicians.
  • The citizens are losing faith in the public institutions.
  • Democracies are reaching their breaking point.
  • Governments and Political Leaders have a high level of Cultural Entropy and seem stuck in an old paradigm based on selfishness.


We can bring our contribution in changing the world and we want to help society evolve.


Connecting and engaging people and experts, sharing knowledge and quality information.